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Training programs will be tailored to your needs and these are just some examples of topics

Leadership styles
  • Different leadership styles
  • What type of leader are you
  • What are your leadership goals
  • Basic coaching skills

Essential coaching skills for line-managers
  • The GROW model
  • Rapport
  • Preference types
  • Basic NLP techniques

Coaching teams
  • Different personality types
  • Obstacles to overcome
  • Group dynamics
  • Goal setting

1 to 1 coaching and group coaching is available on topics such as work management, time
management, career coaching, confidence, goal setting and planning.
Cameron Coaching
Cameron Coaching
Cameron Coaching
Cameron Coaching
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"I was continuously
impressed by the high
standard of Simone's work.
Her professional approach
and her natural ability to
coach individuals and
facilitate groups."

Amy Kweskin, Business Arts
Council (an affiliate of the San
Francisco Chamber of

Simone was a facilitator at  
NCVO Barclay's Leadership
Training Programme
London,  where she taught
non-profit leaders how to
utilize the GROW coaching

Simone is a trainer for