Are you looking for a new career direction?

Are you at a career crossroads? You don't know what you want but you know it's not what
you are currently doing!  

Once we have looked at where you are at and how we can make your current situation as
good as it can be, we will spend time looking at you. Most of us spend more time on
planning a holiday than choosing a career!  We will look at your  values, passions, talents
and what you enjoy and do well. We will also look at negative beliefs and obstacles that
are holding you back. We will create a plan so you can get there step by step.

Have you been made redundant?

Being made redundant can be a terrible experience. Sending out CV's, not getting call
backs, worrying about paying the mortgage and day by day your self confidence draining

It doesn't have to be doom and gloom, in fact redundancy can be the catalyst for people
taking steps towards things they have always dreamed of doing. But you will need good
support to use the most effective job strategies, find new ways to build the right networks,
create a routine to keep you sane, build your self confidence and keep you focused and
productive during this challenging time.
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Cameron Coaching
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My methodology

The GROW model which is
recognized as the most
popular and successful
coaching approach along
NLP techniques. Simone
has knowldedge of an
extensive range of career
guides, exercises, tools and
aptitude tests.

Practical Career Services
Clients have requested that
Simone uses her expertise to
offer practical career services
to help speed up the
process. These can be
chosen as you go along.

Career research, CV writing,
speculative letters,  mock