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Why do people use a coach?
People use a coach to help them make a change. It's a bit like using a personal fitness
instructor but for the mind, the coach has tools and techniques that will get you there much
faster than if you worked on this by yourself.  Also checking in with someone regularly really
helps focus you and makes the change a priority. Talking to friends and family does not
give you objective advice because they have vested interests in your outcomes plus it's
hard for people to spend time devoted especially to you (try talking about you and what you
want and see how quickly the conversation turns round to the other person).

What's the difference between coaching,  therapy, counselling and mentoring?
Coaching means different things to different people and that's why it's good to use a
professional coach who uses models and techniques which are widely respected.
Counselling and therapy usually look to the root of the issue and spends time focusing on
the past or looking at why something is that way. Coaching only touches on the past  to
take positive information that can help move you forward.  Each coaching session will
focus on a specific goal and you will end the session with an action step.  A coach is
objective and usually isn't an industry expert. A  mentor would be someone in your industry
who has experience and has been and done it so they can give you advice.

Why are the sessions over the phone?
Most sessions are carried out over the telephone, which is a standard coaching practice.  
Clients are surprised that they really enjoy this method. It allows them to open up even
more - and they can wear their pyjamas if they want to!  An initial face to face meeting can
be arranged at an additional cost if geographically possible.
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"I felt vibrant, energised and
motivated after my coaching
sessions with Simone.
Thank you for helping me to
regain my self confidence.
Karen B, Training Consultant